Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of statistics will I have access to?
Referring URLs, sales stats, banner stats and payout stats. Powered by NATS 4.
What payment methods will be offered to the surfers?
Accepted Credit Cards: Visa - MasterCard - Discover - JCB, and check billing.
Can I send exit traffic and blind links?
Yes, you can send traffic in almost any way. Blind links, exit consoles, text links, banners, full page ads - we don't mind how you get your traffic to us as long as it's legal! Just send us your traffic and we'll convert it in to money
When do I receive my payouts?
Cheque, Epassporte or Bank wire twice per month on the around 1st and 15th day of every month, but there will be delay of 4 weeks. For example 1 Jan - 15 Jan payment will be issued on 15th Feb. This is due to security and fraud checks.
What will happen if i have over 10% refunds and chargebacks?
Your account will be closed wothout notice.
Do you have hosted galleries?
Yes we have over 3800 FHG's and adding 1 - 2 galleries every week on each of our site.
Do you have any promo material or downloadable content?
Yes, we have a lot of promo material for you to use and download from affiliate area.
When do i get paid?
You will get paid one month behind. That means money made on one periode will be delayed one month. These is normal with all nats affiliate programs
Can I use blind links to send traffic?
Yes. 247MG accepts blind linking for its programs
What if I have more than one website?
You can use the same code on as many sites as you like! You DO NOT need, and are not permitted to use multiple accounts to place our banners on multiple sites.
Is there any fee for shipping of my check?
No. Checks will be sent regular mail. Fees are included with processing expenses unless otherwise selected by you. Also, you can choose between Wire and or Overnight.